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Project Manager Duties

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

  • Provide technical expertise in lighting, staging, rigging, audio, and video within the fashion industry

  • Work as a team with owner, full-time project manager, associate producer, and interns

  • Consult with owner to create proposals for potential clients

  • Consult with owner to create designs and programming for projects

  • Survey site locations for proper planning and scale

  • Provide analysis of costs for purchasing and incorporating vendors

  • Create studies and mock-ups to show feasibility of working ideas

  • Create working plots, plans, and paperwork

  • Work with vendors to implement plans

  • Hire and schedule professional stage hands

  • Supervise warehouse crew in preparing projects

  • Supervise on-site crew in implementing projects

  • Join crews as needed to load-in projects and run programming

  • Coordinate transfer and return of materials from the warehouse to each site

  • Troubleshoot challenges on-site with projects

  • Manage warehouse and rental inventories

  • Ensure safety and productivity within the company

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