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"Lighting designer Derek Jones scores high marks, particularly for a tree-climbing sequence that is also one of Baer’s most inspired..."

-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Harold and Maude, Santa Monica Theatre Guild

"Director Brandon Baer is to be commended for his staging of the many scene changes by focusing attention on a single character through downstage spotlights designed by Derek Jones which focus our attention on that character and what they are possibly thinking rather than the many elements being moved about to create the next scene."

-Shari Barrett, Broadway World

Harold and Maude, Santa Monica Theatre Guild

"John Iacovelli’s detailed set puts us – literally – in the hardscrabble dirt the characters must surmount, while Derek Jones’s lighting, Mylette Nora’s costumes, and Kevin Novinsky’s sound make valuable contributions."

-Dan Berkowitz, The Los Angeles Post

King Hedley II, Sophnia Brown Productions

"Meanwhile, throughout the play, the tale of Libby (Leilani Smith) — a brave and beautiful but oppressed and violated woman of color — unfolds in shadow behind a scrim (set by Christopher Scott Murillo, lighting by Derek Jones), with the recollection of her woes affecting both these passionate speakers."

-Deborah Klugman, Stage Raw

Bee-luther-hatchee, Sierra Madre Playhouse

"Derek Jones's vivid lighting..."

-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Bee-luther-hatchee, Sierra Madre Playhouse

"Fred Duer’s geometric set, artfully divided into four nearly empty rooms, gave the cast room to flirt, gossip, hide from each other and eavesdrop...Under Derek Jones’ lighting design, the set looked stunning."

-Doris Lynch, Bloomington Herald-Times

School for Scandal, Indiana University

Featured in USITT's TD&T Magazine Spring 2014 issue.  LINK

-United States Institute for Theatre Technology

Chicago, Indiana University

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