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Scene Design

Dark Fence (Class Project)

            Deep within the dense wooded wasteland, a once pristine location formerly prized by high society is now overrun with nature and covert criminals.  The existing structures have been modified to purposes defying their original virtuous intent and are now scorched from heinous crimes, bound with tangled barbed wire.  The most prominent feature is an ornate gate that once beckoned the affluent to comfort and now ushers scavengers into a vile underworld full of danger.  To accompany this gate, additional fences have been erected to enclose irregular secondary spaces to either extend this domain or serve as protection against its barbarians.  Thin spires emerge from these worn walls made of brick, iron, chain link, and mesh.  Dark shadows loom among these barriers; only remnants of civilized humanity remain.

Come and Go (Class Project)

           Drawing from the existential aesthetic of the French visual artist and film maker Christian Boltanski, this design depicts a world flooded with remnants of memory and consciousness.  Flo, Vi, and Ru are isolated in this grand and ethereal desert of old tattered clothing.  The colors of the clothes have faded and they have formed an enormous pile as in Boltanski’s 2010 installation No Man’s Land at the Park Avenue Armory in New York.  Although the characters feel alone and confident to gossip about one another, there is always someone else observing their actions.  This concept is portrayed as a metaphor through silhouettes on a full-stage curved white cyc behind the clothes pile.  These shadows will be cause by spotlights focused on small metal profiles as in Boltanski’s 1984 artwork The Shadows.  Twisted faces and ornate patterns are created behind the scene on stage and are able to sway back and forth with an eerie presence.  Boltanski’s work is “about the fact of dying,” he says.  It is possible that Flo, Vi, and Ru know about a specific terminal illness each other might have.  As each character climbs up and down the pile, an existential depiction of the life cycle and human condition can be observed.  When one descends from the pile, will they be coming back?

Otis (Class Project)

            This TV sitcom pilot features a Southern California family living off the success of childhood fame.  The family business now deals with retail featuring the roles they played in a science fiction TV show.  Comedy ensues as the characters struggle with obnoxious family members, wild relationships, and growing up.

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